Vacation Out, Reality In

April 12, 2007

So I’m back at work today after being on vacation for a week. I guess you never get used to the first day back at work. Any time I have more than a two-day weekend, I question why I’m working in Sarasota. Once I come to the conclusion that I’m here for a paycheck, you sink right into clock watching. T-minus six hours and I can go home. I’m still on West Coast time, so I’m a bit groggy today which doesn’t make it any better.

I was actually surprised I didn’t get bothered by work. This is a first in the four years I’ve been at this company. Perhaps it was because I told them I was going to Vegas and wouldn’t be answering my phone or email. Or perhaps, for just one week, I adequately prepared the company for seven days without me. I don’t know, but whatever it was, I need to keep it up as I attempt to distance myself from the everyday operation of this company.

One thing I wanted to do on vacation was brainstorm a little bit about my near-term career. Unfortunately, I was so in vacation la-la land, I didn’t think about it at all. All I did think about was how dreadful it would be to go back to work.

I did think about the things I enjoy doing and how I can translate that into a business or career. I’ve had this itch to be a sports writer—covering mainly baseball—for many years now. In fact, that’s one reason I went ahead and started my Braves Blog, just to see how challenging it would be and if I had the chops to do it. So far it’s been fun, but I clearly need to write a lot more.

I’d like to find a way to work the things I enjoy into my businesses. I talked about this a few weeks ago with my friend and business partner, Matt Thompson. You know the saying that entrepreneurs should do something they are passionate about? While our businesses usually interest me, I can’t really say they truly encapsulate my passions. I may enjoy bits and pieces of the ventures, say the development or organization building, but they’ve not entirely consumed me with the passion that might be necessary to succeed.

So I think I’m going to clear my mind over the next week and think about where I am with all of my projects and businesses and figure out what I would really enjoy doing and find a way to make it a sustainable business.

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