Connecting to FreeNAS using OS X Lion

September 10, 2011

After upgrading to OSX Lion, I ran into an issue connecting to my FreeNAS server. After a Google search, I found this solution to enable AFP (Apple File Protocol) which worked for me. It requires a few Terminal commands and a couple of restarts.

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Fixing PHP Timezone Issue in Snow Leopard (10.6)

September 5, 2009

I always forget about my PHP development environment when I upgrade OS X.  Apple must think it’s really funny to make developers figure out what’s changed and how to fix it.  Snow Leopard brings us PHP 5.3, which apparently requires a value in the date.timezone setting or your code will produce warning messages.  Unfortunately, this […]

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Apple Crams Widgets Down Our Throats Because of the iPhone

July 2, 2007

I’ve never been a huge fan of the widget. The rest of the world is. From desktop widgets to web widgets, people just love to play around with tiny little programs. It reminds me of people that collect miniature stuff. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s small, it’s cute and people love it. […]

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iPhone Predictions

June 30, 2007

Now that I’ve had a day to get to know iPhone, here’s what I think is in store for us iPhone owners over the next six months. Most of these I think will be major updates that will coincide with the release of OS X Leopard.

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