Connecting to FreeNAS using OS X Lion

September 10, 2011

After upgrading to OSX Lion, I ran into an issue connecting to my FreeNAS server. After a Google search, I found this solution to enable AFP (Apple File Protocol) which worked for me. It requires a few Terminal commands and a couple of restarts.

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Backup and Archive SDHC Cards

September 12, 2009

Continuing with my backup and archiving strategy, one of my goals was to get a grip on the growing number of SDHC cards I use with my video cameras; mainly my Canon HF10.  I’ve been ordering about five 4GB cards every couple months.  Besides being small and easy to lose, they are difficult to label and […]

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Setup Time Machine on FreeNAS

September 5, 2009

Update 11/27/2009 — As HarryD notes in the comments, FreeNAS 0.7 (which was still in RC at time of this writing and did not contain this feature) allows a much easier way to setup Time Machine using AFP.  See his post here.  I’ve not tested this feature in 0.7 and currently using the approach as follows. […]

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My FreeNAS Project Part 6: Final Build and Overview

August 29, 2009

I’ve completed the NAS build, installed and configured FreeNAS and have a nice 2.6TB storage device connected to my network. Before I start writing about how this NAS fits into my overall strategy, here’s the final cost sheet for the project thus far.  Note that some of the components (APC UPS, Linksys gigabit router) aren’t […]

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