Rumors of a real AppleTV

September 5, 2011

Another follow-up on the most probable new market for a post-Jobs Apple (which if true, has Jobs’ fingerprints all over it).

Not another Apple TV black box but a real 50” flat-screen TV, “Designed by Apple in California” — and Made in China, like most Apple products. Or Made In Korea, if the company concludes a new pact with its best frenemy, Samsung, the new king of TV sets, the new Sony.

via An Apple TV Set In Our Future? | Monday Note.

Besides the issues Jean-Louis Gassée brings up, I think the product size would be more than just a field tech problem. Do Apple retail stores have stock rooms big enough to store plenty of 50″ televisions to keep pace with demand? I don’t know, I’m just posing the question. Would it be an in-store demo and an online order? What about shipping damage issues and expenses? This all sounds really risky for Apple. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more I’d like to replace than my current TV and cable box combo–a miserably slow experience with AT&T U-Verse running some flavor of Windows Media Center. It doesn’t feel right to me yet, but I’ll continue to wish this happens.

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