The Cubicle Escape Pod

In January 2005, my long-time friend and business partner, Matt Thompson, and I decided it was time to start our second company. So we did. Around the same time, podcasting was beginning to pick up steam. I was intrigued with the movement. So we decided to give it a shot and The Cubicle Escape Pod was born—a podcast for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

TCEP Pilot Note After four beta episodes, we launched TCEP on April, 5, 2005 with the Pilot Episode. We continued a blistering pace of two episodes per week until running into the holiday season in November and December. What would later become TCEP 1.0, our episodes focused on the very basics of bootstrapping a business. Topics included writing a business plan, choosing a legal entity for your company, some basics on bookkeeping, accounting and marketing as well as plenty of messing about.

The highlights of TCEP 1.0 included interviews with Ross Mayfield, CEO of SocialText, Dr. Dale Brill and a listener on his last day of work. That listener was Bert Mahoney, now one of our most trusted friends and partners on many projects.

While the point of the show was to provide a forum for bootstrappers to communicate, we intended on slowly divulging information about our business as the show would become relevant. However, while doing the show, we stumbled upon something that caused us to change our business plan. Modcast was born and became the engine that powered the podcast and one of our other ventures, InkOutLoud.

TCEP LogoAfter a much needed break, Matt and I revamped the format of the show and launched TCEP 2.0 in January 2006 with an episode per week. We invited a few of our friends and business people we knew to join the show to host their own segments. As our business started taking more of my free time, Matt hosted the show solo for a few months. Unable to devote enough attention to the show, the episodes came few and far between and the 2.0 series closed out with a final episode in October.

After a year of haitus, I made the agonizing decision to finally put TCEP to rest. It was a fun ride, but I just can’t find enough time in the day to devote to something as demanding as a podcast. You can head over to and listen through the entire archive of 92 episodes.