smart car vs.Smart car vs. is a website that I developed and launched in a single day.  From the site’s About page…

This was not my idea. You can blame my father. He recently purchased a smart car.  It was quite hilarious for both of us.

You have to admit, even if you’re fanatical about the upside potential of this vehicle (its greenness and all of that), it is a ridiculous looking auto.  I mean, come on, it looks like a penny racer!  There’s nothing more funny than two grown adults getting out of a smart car.  Or is there?

As my father and I found out, there are a lot of funny things that happen when you take a smart car out and about.  The world around the smart car becomes a joke in and of itself.

I hope you enjoy the site and participate by uploading your ridiculous photos of smart cars in action.

The purpose of the site is to upload funny photos of smart cars next to ordinary or extraordinary items that show it’s relative size or lack thereof.

The site uses WordPress as a blogging platform.  I custom developed the “Upload a Photo” page using PHP and CodeIgniter Framework.