DavidBrownSound.comDavid Brown is my father.  He is a recording engineer, studio owner and all around swell guy.  This is the site I designed and developed for him with the goal of building his personal brand outside of his other business, Eastern Sky Studios (a site which I did not design).  I feel I have a decent designer’s eye, but I’m not a web designer by trade.  My design skills, while still better than most schooled software developers, were barely sufficient to carry out my vision for this site.  I leaned on my designer pal, Bert Mahoney, for some advice to help subtly sweeten the design.

My design goal for this site was to visually DavidBrownSound - Amps Headercombine the old and the new.  Really good recording studios uniquely blend old (vintage) and new technologies to create a moody and sophisticated ambiance.  That visual also translates into a trademark sound of a studio.  My father, for all intents and purposes, is an “old school” engineer who, DavidBrownSound - B15N Ampby nature of the recording business, finds himself bathing in digital technology.  But he yearns for the analog days.  He has all of the current digital gear, but he also has a collection of functional vintage gear, such as an Ampex MM1200 2″ tape machine and various guitar and bass amps.

I’m most proud of the photography on this site.  I used color sparingly and photographed various pieces of equipment in his studio to create grainy black and white header images.  I used depth-of-field  and focus for contrast and movement, hoping to attract the viewer’s eye to my message.  I can’t claim all of the photography on the site as mine, but the images used in the headers for the landing, Gear, Instruments, Amps, Services,  Photos and Blog pages, as well as the photographs of the Amps were taken by me.

DavidBrownSound - Navigation MenuThe site was built using WordPress 2.7 with custom templating and a few plug-ins for the Flickr.com gallery and Twitter.com integration.