was a proof-of-concept website for our Modcast technology developed under the Bind, Inc. company. It was a trivia game, but probably not like you’d think. Instead of answering a question and getting immediate feedback, you would answer a 6-question quiz, then listen to the results in a game show style podcast called “BrainDump Radio,” complete with a cast of characters, music, sound effects and lame jokes. Quiz

The beautiful shiny red plastic radio website was designed by Bert Mahoney of HamiltonBerchman Design Group.

The show ran for four quizzes before ending its pilot run in February 2006. In the end, it certainly proved Modcast’s ability to create complex custom audio programs by applying user preferences (in this case, answers to trivia questions) and manage user’s subscriptions. Your answers to the quiz affected the radio show that followed. If you got an answer right, Rock Starwinkle (the host of the show) would praise you. Get the answer wrong and he’d make fun of you. Each question was followed up with some factual information about the topic. Woven through the show was banter between the host, Rock Starwinkle, the announcer, Herb, and the mute drummer and band leader, Rich Elvin, whose commentary was played on the drums. (click the Listen Now button for a sample of the quiz show). Green Room

The Green Room is where you could download or listen to the show after you've taken the quiz.

Each question was assigned a degree of difficulty, which also was used as the points. We gave away three prizes to the highest scorers during the pilot. First place won a BioVault made by Sequiam Biometrics. Second place got a copy of DevonTHINK. Finally, third place received $50 Amazon gift certificate.