Architecture by Hand (an OmniGraffle stencil)

OmniGraffle is a great diagramming tool for Macintosh and iPad.  Architecture by Hand is a stencil for OmniGraffle that I designed to assist me when creating system architectures, software architectures, website wireframes and workflow processes for work and personal use.  It features common information technology iconography in a hand-drawn whiteboard style.

The combination of OmniGraffle for iPad (with its free-hand tool) and my Architecture by Hand OmniGraffle stencil is a superior virtual whiteboard experience. All of the control of the touch interface with the unique hand-drawn style of the stencil creates a result that are refreshing and engaging.

Icons include:

  • Document types
    • blank, text, xml, html, pdf, word, spreadsheet, zip, report, disk image file
    • folder, video, audio, email, compressed file
  • Devices
    • desktop, laptop, media computer, mobile, printer, video and dslr cameras
  • Storage
    • CD, DVD, external firewire and usb drives, SDHC/Compact Flash card, cloud disk, remote storage, disk array (NAS/SAN)
  • Servers & Network
    • server, web server, database server, FTP server, email server, LDAP server, back up server, back up tape library, server cluster, web farm cluser, database cluster, router, switch, wireless router, firewall, UPS,  internet cloud
  • Application
    • desktop and web applications, web service, service, event, plug-in, database, database cluster, dashboard report, queue, message bus, LDAP repository
  • Shapes & Callouts
    • squares, circle, triangles, arrows, text call outs
  • Form Elements
    • text box, text area, select box, checkbox, radio button, list box, scroll box, tabs, pop-up displays, video player, labels and text
  • Workflow
    • process, predefined process, decision, input/output, manual input, manual operation, start/stop, connector, display
  • Entity Relationship
    • entity, weak entity, attribute, weak attribute, relation, weak relation, relationship types (many-to-one, one-to-one, etc.)

I’m going to try something new for me.  I’m selling the stencil for $4.99.  All updates will be free.

To purchase the stencil, head over to my company’s website, Architecture By Hand.

If you have suggestions for new icons or improvements, please leave a comment and I’ll prioritize them for future updates.