Steve Jobs, Dead at 56

October 6, 2011

I shut down TweetDeck hoping to muster one more ounce of focus. I’m starting to burn out. It’s a cycle for me. I invest all I have into a project and within a few months I get that feeling. I wake up and there’s nothing. Not a worthy thought or a single idea of what […]

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Small Business, government, taxes, etc.

September 21, 2011

Mark Cuban lays out some ideas surrounding the topic of taxes and job creation… What bothers me are not the taxes I pay to help others and to support the services our country needs. What bothers me is the  mis-allocation and inefficient distribution of our tax money. Particularly when it leads to taking more money from […]

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Connecting to FreeNAS using OS X Lion

September 10, 2011

After upgrading to OSX Lion, I ran into an issue connecting to my FreeNAS server. After a Google search, I found this solution to enable AFP (Apple File Protocol) which worked for me. It requires a few Terminal commands and a couple of restarts.

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Rumors of a real AppleTV

September 5, 2011

Another follow-up on the most probable new market for a post-Jobs Apple (which if true, has Jobs’ fingerprints all over it). Not another Apple TV black box but a real 50” flat-screen TV, “Designed by Apple in California” — and Made in China, like most Apple products. Or Made In Korea, if the company concludes […]

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