Business 2.0 50 People Who Matter Now

June 22, 2006

First, I must say that I love Business 2.0. For those of you who are already lost, it’s a business magazine that leans toward technology. I’m not sure if it was designed that way, but it does.

The goal of this list, jacked straight from the B20 website…

Instead, our goal was to identify people whose ideas, products, and business insights are changing the world we live in today – those who are reshaping our future by inventing important new technologies, exploiting emerging opportunities, or throwing their weight around in ways that are sure to make everyone else take notice.

Here’s the list for your reference.

I’m not going to go through the entire list, but I’m going to point out a few people that I feel shouldn’t be on the list or should rank differently. Here we go…

1.) You! – The consumer as creator

Duh! Creating or not, we (the consumers) should always be #1 on these stupid lists.

5.) Steve Jobs – CEO, Apple Computer

I like Steve. I like Apple. I own an iPod and two Apple notebooks – a new MacBook Pro and an old G3 Powerbook. I have four or five books about Steve Jobs and Apple. But listening to stuff while waiting to pick up my dry cleaning isn’t important enough to be #5.

10.) Ray Ozzie – CTO, Microsoft

The heir-apparent to Bill Gates. Tell me how the dude in charge of 90% of computer desktops on this planet is not in the top 5? I make my money writing software for Windows. I hate Windows. But I know how important it is.

13.) Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake – Co-Founders, Flickr

I’ll fake that they aren’t on this list. Social phenomenom or not, these two people aren’t worthy of a place on the top 1,000 list.

20.) Ben Bernanke – Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

Whoever fills the Chairman seat at the FRB should always be #2 on this list. The man can send markets into a tizzy by merely opening his mouth.

21.) Bill Gates – Benefactor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The world’s richest man steps down from Microsoft to save the world and he can’t even get a position ahead of Mickey Mouse (Disney CEO, Robert Iger @ 12)

23.) The New Media – Kevin Rose ( and Jimmy Wales (

No and no. New media is cool, sure. Take a moment and head over to and read some comments on the stories. Then resign to never going back to read anymore comments. As for, it’s getting kids in trouble because it’s, well, inaccurate.

27.) Jeremy Allaire – CEO, Brightcove


There you have it. I’ll tackle the “10 People Who Don’t Matter” next.

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