About Me

Jonathan Brown

I like to get things done. I feel useless if I end my day without learning or creating something new.

I’ve been depressed. I’ve been happy. I’m not either.

My daughter is brilliant. Her name is Alexandra Michele. She’s ten years old.

I like sports. I used to be a jock. But I also used to be a band geek. I played baseball for nine years and football for three. I once tried out for an Arena Football League team. That was fun. My favorite sports team is the Atlanta Braves. One day I’d like to be a sportswriter–when I don’t need money.

Music is one of my passions. I learned to play the trumpet when I was eleven. I played it regularly up until my second year of college. These days the guitar is my main instrument. I can fake my way on the piano. My musical talents (or lack thereof) are put to use annually with The Bartles — a family Christmas tradition in which we recreate Beatles songs.

The Beatles and Radiohead are at the top of my music list. Also on the list is Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Muse and Band of Horses.

I like politics. I’m a Republican. I believe in the individual. I believe in choice. I believe the government’s core responsibility is to provide us with things we cannot do ourselves — mainly defense — otherwise, they should stay out of our lives. I don’t believe in social programs. I believe in local government and state’s rights. I believe in capitalism. I believe most Democrats are Republicans at heart, but it’s not cool to be a Republican.

My job is killing me.  More than ever. I quit my job and now I’m not dying. I run my own web design and development boutique called Develop Things.

I hate the so-called night-life. Those people have no lives.

I’m a teetotaler. People think I need a vise. I think those people need better coping skills.

This is who I am.

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